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South Coast Research and Extension Center (South Coast REC) was established by the University of California in 1956 as a representative site for agricultural and horticultural research in California's south coastal plain-temperate climatic zone. Located on 200 acres of deep, moderately sloped, alluvial fan soil, the Center and its mild winter climate are conducive to farming a wide range of crops including subtropicals as well as ornamentals for the urban landscape. (more..)



Strategic Plan

Event Name Date
Landscape Design Basics Workshop Series 9/19/2020
Practical Composting in Small Spaces Workshop 10/3/2020
News From UC ANR South Coast REC and Beyond
  • Unlabeled seeds from unsolicited packages. Credit: Anonymous
    Mysterious seeds in the mail? Please Read...

    Report Unsolicited Seeds to APHIS Have you had unexpected seeds show up in the mail? Unknown seeds could be invasive plants, contain invasive insects, or have plant disease causing agents. Here's what the United States Department of Agriculture Animal...

    By Tammy Majcherek
    Editor - Community Educator Specialist II
    By UC Integrated Pest Management Program
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    Meshing older and modern farming.....

    Farmers outside of Mexico City are embracing older farming customs to feed their communities. To learn about the practices they are utilizing, check out the article In Mexico City, the Coronavirus is Bringing Back Aztec-Era 'Floating...

    By Tammy Majcherek
    Author - Community Educator Specialist II
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  • 什么加速器可以看油管
    Week of the Avocado - Don't Miss Out!

    Be sure to join us for a week of virtual fun and education for the whole family - presentations, contests, game night, and more! Click on the following link for additional information: http://ceorange.ucanr.edu/avocadofestival/

    By Tammy Majcherek
    Author - Community Educator Specialist II
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